The application deadline is August 19th.

To be honest, I was surprised by the number of applications we received from so many people.
I felt strongly that many people were watching me, and I became even more passionate about building the store.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude. I'm really thankful to you.

*We will leave a little more space on this page for confirmation by those who have already applied.

altoyo will open a physical store in Yokohama in fall 2021 (scheduled for October to November).

Along with this, we are recruiting opening staff for store sales.

We welcome not only those who love Japanese tableware, but also those who love cooking, and those who are looking for the space that the restaurant cherishes.

If you have any interest in working with me or would like to open a shop with me, please feel free to contact me, even just to talk.

Please contact us here . We look forward to receiving your application.

【 job description 】

Sales customer service at new store

*In addition to the basic duties listed above, various duties such as store layout, product development, and event planning may be added depending on ability and aptitude.

【 Working hours 】

11:00~17:00 Scheduled Closed on Mondays/Tuesdays

Work and attendance issues are also negotiable.
There are no restrictions as long as you can work together in a pinpoint manner.

【 Work location 】

The nearest station is Motomachi-Chukagai Station.
(About 5-10 minutes walk)

【 Employment status 】

  • Basically part time (full time part)
  • No fixed contract period
  • Trial period available
  • Transportation expenses provided (with upper limit)
  • Employee discount available

There are exceptions to employment status as well as working hours.
If you can make use of your special abilities in a limited way, there are no restrictions on how you work.

【 Application Requirements 】

part time
Hourly wage: 1,020 yen to 1,500 yen (excluding transportation expenses) + bonus depending on performance

Trial period: 1 month (hourly wage 1,020 yen during the period)

*Salary amount will be set taking into account experience and skills.
*Overtime pay will be paid separately

In addition, as mentioned above, if there are exceptions due to differences in employment type, please consult with us on the terms and conditions on an individual basis.

【 Qualification requirements 】

We will give priority to hiring people who are willing to work with us to create a store.

  • Someone who is pleasant (sorry for being sensitive)
  • Those who have knowledge of Japanese tableware
  • People who are good at cooking
  • People who don't mind posting on SNS
  • simple computer skills
  • Those with sales experience

The above will be used as selection criteria when there are a large number of applications. note that.

【 others 】

  • You will be consulted about the start date of work.
  • We can also discuss your wishes for vacation.
  • Regarding selection, taking into account the current situation, we will first conduct a remote interview, and only those who will move on to the next step will have an in-person interview.

Contact us by phone


Business hours: Weekdays AM 11:00-PM 4:00
*Different from store

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