Mr. Murata has carefully researched and actually uses the pottery to the fullest.

The edges are thick to prevent them from chipping, the size is easy to use, and they overlap neatly to make them easy to store.

All of them make me happier while using them than when I first bought them .

In addition to being highly convenient, they also have tasteful designs that give them a warm, handmade feel that is not found in industrial products.

Checkered pattern 5-inch pot [Aki Murata] ¥3,850

Flower pattern 5-inch pot [Aki Murata] ¥3,850

Botanical mug [Aki Murata] ¥3,520

Flower pattern bowl [Aki Murata] ¥3,300

Botanical C&S [Aki Murata] ¥5,280