Tadashi Tomita

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
Kiln-shaped rice bowl [Tasashi Tomita]
Silver flexible pot small [Tasashi Tomita]
Small kiln cut glass [Tasashi Tomita]
Grilled Beer Cup [Tasashi Tomita]Grilled Beer Cup [Tasashi Tomita]
Kiln cut glass [Tasashi Tomita]Kiln cut glass [Tasashi Tomita]
Kiln change four-way pottery [Tasashi Tomita]Kiln change four-way pottery [Tasashi Tomita]
Kiln cut cup [Tasashi Tomita]Kiln cut cup [Tasashi Tomita]
Kiln Hen Takadai Sake [Tasashi Tomita]Kiln Hen Takadai Sake [Tasashi Tomita]
Kiln Henmaru Sake [Tasashi Tomita]Kiln Henmaru Sake [Tasashi Tomita]
Silver round crest mug [Tasashi Tomita]
Kiln shochu cup [Tasashi Tomita]Kiln shochu cup [Tasashi Tomita]
Silvered flexible pot [Tasashi Tomita]Silvered flexible pot [Tasashi Tomita]

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