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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Shinko Asagi Soup Cup [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]Shinko Asagi Soup Cup [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]
Gray-blue beveled mug [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]Gray-blue beveled mug [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]
Black smoked pot [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]Black smoked pot [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]
Shinko navy blue sink cup [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]Shinko navy blue sink cup [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]
Candy glaze 6-inch bowl [Yamamoto Taizo]
Gray-blue heat-resistant bowl [Taizo Yamamoto]
Candy glaze 8-inch pot [Yamamoto Taizo]
Shinko gray teacup [Yamamoto Taizo]Shinko gray teacup [Yamamoto Taizo]

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