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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
Annan red umeboshi container [Sozan kiln]Annan red umeboshi container [Sozan kiln]
Salt pot S/round shape [Kawajiri Pottery]Salt pot S/round shape [Kawajiri Pottery]
Oribe komasuji lid [Nakagaki Renji]Oribe komasuji lid [Nakagaki Renji]
Salt pot S/bottom bulge [Kawajiri Pottery]Salt pot S/bottom bulge [Kawajiri Pottery]
Straw hand small lid [Kanae Nomura]Straw hand small lid [Kanae Nomura]
Shino Oribe turnip cover [Nakagaki series]Shino Oribe turnip cover [Nakagaki series]
Onion Covered Bowl Platinum [Yamahiragama]Onion Covered Bowl Platinum [Yamahiragama]
Onion Covered Bowl Gold [Yamahiragama]Onion Covered Bowl Gold [Yamahiragama]
Chrysanthemum covered bowl 6cm [Yamahiragama]Chrysanthemum covered bowl 6cm [Yamahiragama]
Drop lid white [Ryo Makita]Drop lid white [Ryo Makita]
Drop lid black [Ryo Makita]Drop lid black [Ryo Makita]
Annan floor plan umeboshi container [Sozan kiln]Annan floor plan umeboshi container [Sozan kiln]
Oribe grass crest lid [Nakagaki Renji]Oribe grass crest lid [Nakagaki Renji]
Lid [Mitsuhiro Hara]Lid [Mitsuhiro Hara]
Oribe striped lidded bowl [Akihide Nakao]Oribe striped lidded bowl [Akihide Nakao]
Ceramic lid white 3 pigs [Ryo Makita]Ceramic lid white 3 pigs [Ryo Makita]
Ceramic lid black 3 pigs [Ryo Makita]Ceramic lid black 3 pigs [Ryo Makita]

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