Yamahira kiln

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Showing 1 - 24 of 40 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 40 products
Single flower vase Bellflower [Yamahiragama]Single flower vase Bellflower [Yamahiragama]
Single flower vase Ichichin [Yamahiragama]Single flower vase Ichichin [Yamahiragama]
Rinkabuchi small bowl [Yamahiragama]Rinkabuchi small bowl [Yamahiragama]
Wood grain coffee C/S Gold [Yamahiragama]Wood grain coffee C/S Gold [Yamahiragama]
Foam round plate 16.5cm blue [Yamahiragama]Foam round plate 16.5cm blue [Yamahiragama]
Onion Covered Bowl Platinum [Yamahiragama]Onion Covered Bowl Platinum [Yamahiragama]
Onion Covered Bowl Gold [Yamahiragama]Onion Covered Bowl Gold [Yamahiragama]
Wood grain coffee C/S White [Yamahiragama]Wood grain coffee C/S White [Yamahiragama]
Chrysanthemum plate [Yamahiragama]Chrysanthemum plate [Yamahiragama]
Chrysanthemum covered bowl 6cm [Yamahiragama]Chrysanthemum covered bowl 6cm [Yamahiragama]
Gray Shino bubble bowl 18cm [Yamahiragama]Gray Shino bubble bowl 18cm [Yamahiragama]
Chrysanthemum plate 18cm [Yamahiragama]Chrysanthemum plate 18cm [Yamahiragama]

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