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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Brass teaspoon [Kiyoshi Haraguchi]Brass teaspoon [Kiyoshi Haraguchi]
White matte 5-inch wave edge plate [Yui Higuchi]White matte 5-inch wave edge plate [Yui Higuchi]
Brass mini spoon [Kiyoshi Haraguchi]Brass mini spoon [Kiyoshi Haraguchi]
White matte fruit bowl [Yui Higuchi]White matte fruit bowl [Yui Higuchi]
Chigire cloud cold tea [Hiroko Takayama]Chigire cloud cold tea [Hiroko Takayama]
Silver warp cup [Akane Kunishi]Silver warp cup [Akane Kunishi]
Chiruran Glass [Hiroko Takayama]Chiruran Glass [Hiroko Takayama]
Frozen square plate [Hiroko Takayama]Frozen square plate [Hiroko Takayama]
Torn cloud shochu glass [Hiroko Takayama]Torn cloud shochu glass [Hiroko Takayama]
Chiruran flower vase [Hiroko Takayama]
Chiruran Bowl Large [Hiroko Takayama]Chiruran Bowl Large [Hiroko Takayama]
Chiruran Bowl Small [Hiroko Takayama]Chiruran Bowl Small [Hiroko Takayama]

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