Nobuyuki Murai

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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
Ash glaze oval shallow bowl [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze oval shallow bowl [Nobuyuki Murai]
Fuchisabi beige mug [Nobuyuki Murai]Fuchisabi beige mug [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ash glaze tonsui [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze tonsui [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ash glaze 16cm square plate [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze 16cm square plate [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ash glaze pot with ears [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze pot with ears [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ash glaze 6-inch square plate [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze 6-inch square plate [Nobuyuki Murai]
Fuchisabi Beige Tonsui [Nobuyuki Murai]Fuchisabi Beige Tonsui [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ash glaze mug [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze mug [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ash glaze cocoon bowl [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze cocoon bowl [Nobuyuki Murai]

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