Rice bowl/bowl

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Showing 1 - 24 of 231 products
汁碗 M 白【藤原純ex24】汁碗 M 白【藤原純ex24】
汁碗 M 青【藤原純ex24】汁碗 M 青【藤原純ex24】
飯碗 小【山本雅則ex24】飯碗 小【山本雅則ex24】
飯碗 大【山本雅則ex24】飯碗 大【山本雅則ex24】
Old dyed flower bowl, small [Ceramic blue]Old dyed flower bowl, small [Ceramic blue]
Old dyed flower bowl, large [Torubou Ao]Old dyed flower bowl, large [Torubou Ao]
Rice bowl (potsu potsu) [CHINATSU_23ex]Rice bowl (potsu potsu) [CHINATSU_23ex]
Kiseto tea bowl [Shinichi Kotsuji]Kiseto tea bowl [Shinichi Kotsuji]
Blue tea bowl [Shinichi Kotsuji]Blue tea bowl [Shinichi Kotsuji]
Rice bowl [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Rice bowl [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Powdered rice bowl [Yuya Takahashi]Powdered rice bowl [Yuya Takahashi]
Oribe Kobiki 5.5-inch bowl [Hyozan-gama]Oribe Kobiki 5.5-inch bowl [Hyozan-gama]
Thief Cat Rice Bowl Pink [Soebu Ceramics]Thief Cat Rice Bowl Pink [Soebu Ceramics]

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