We are selling the utensils of CHINATSU, which was exhibited at altoyo Yokohama Motomachi store in October, online.

[Publication period] November 10th (Thursday) - November 16th (Wednesday)

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[Feeling the beauty of form at the dining table] CHINATSU's tableware exhibition

The shape of a pottery is created by Mr. CHINATSU's hands.

The delicate yet boldly expressed borders and edges are very human-like, and combined with the natural earthy texture and uneven color of the glaze, it creates a sophisticated and wonderful beauty.

It feels very comfortable on your fingertips and in your palm.

CHINATSU's simple yet tasteful utensils blend seamlessly into modern dining tables while retaining their handmade charm.

Please take a look at the pottery, which is not overly statement but creates an artistic atmosphere just by being there.

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