A workshop will be held at altoyo Yokohama Motomachi store.
The first session is “Making coasters with leather craft”

The instructor is also located in Shiokumizaka.

Atelier Cervo .
Owner Hideto Okazaki will teach you how to make leather coasters.

Cutting, sewing, polishing leather...
The content is designed to help you learn the basics of leather craft.

The more you use a coaster made of leather, the more its texture will improve and the more you will become attached to it.
Please use it a lot and enjoy how it changes over time, just like you would with a pottery.

▼Looking for participants▼

[Date and time] August 23rd (Tuesday) 14:00~

[Time required] 90-120 minutes (estimated)

[Location] altoyo Yokohama Motomachi store

[Contents] Make a coaster with leather craft (1 piece), give away 1 mug sold at altoyo

[Price] 6,500 yen (tax included)

[How to apply] Please apply via DM on altoyo official Instagram @altoyo__store .

You can also make two coasters.
If you are interested, please indicate so when applying.
An additional fee of 2,000 yen (tax included) will be charged. note that.

Atelier Cervo is introduced on the altoyo blog "There are various things".
This is a shop filled with the owner's ``likes'' and ``commitments.''