In April, we will be exhibiting the works of artist Kikujika.

The beauty of nature that cannot be grasped,

Mr. Kikuchi creates delicate works that appear to be painted onto a pure white canvas.

Please feel free to touch the gentle pictures that will envelop your heart.

Kikujika’s instagram ▶︎ @rika_kikuchi

Event period: April 16th (Sat) ~ 30th (Sat)

Business hours: 11:00 ~ 17:00

Closed: Monday/Tuesday

Click here for directions to Yokohama Motomachi store

* Kikujika-san is in the store: April 16th (Sat), 17th (Sun), 30th (Sat)

*About sales of works

Purchased works will be shipped after May after the exhibition ends.

After the period ends, it will be sold at the altoyo online store.