altoyo wants to deliver a sense of blank space through vessels and other unnatural objects.

It can be life, time, mind, or anything else.

So I decided to start renting out walls, thinking that I could borrow not only the pottery but also the power of art.

Both vessels and art are things that move your heart when you look at them and touch them.
Above all, it will make your dining space even more beautiful.

There is no formal or tense atmosphere, and the interior is cozy and soft.
This space is easy to use for students and those who are interested in art for the first time.

Supporting children's future

In recent years, an increasing number of children are facing difficulties in their lives due to various social issues such as natural disasters and infectious diseases. At altoyo, we have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of our paintings, hoping that through art we can contribute in some small way to creating a foundation for children to envision their future.

Although it is a small thing, I hope that it will lead to a better future for our children.

Donation destination Learning for All
Use applications Learning support, location support
Donation amount

10% of painting sales


・Interview introduction article (you can use it freely on SNS etc.)
・Introduced on altoyo online store and SNS ・Online store sales (only for those who wish, terms and conditions negotiable)

Terms and conditions

・We leave the store availability to the artist's schedule.

・Fee and payment method Basic 0 yen, 20% sales store

・Usage date and time
11:00~17:00, Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (in line with store normal business hours)

・Exhibition period minimum 1 week

- Artists are basically responsible for transporting items in and out. (Some staff will be subsidized)

・Note: If you do not match the atmosphere of the utensils displayed in the store, we may refuse your use. Please note that this is a pottery shop, not an art space.

Rental range

altoyo Yokohama Motomachi store floor plan

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Business hours: Weekdays AM 11:00-PM 4:00
*Different from store

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