About points (common to online stores/stores)

As of December 20, 2023, the online store point service has ended.
You can still use it at Yokohama Motomachi store.

●You can use 1 point from 1 yen!

●1 point awarded for every 33 yen (excluding tax)!
You can shop at a great deal with a high return rate.

●You can collect and use the same points both in stores and online stores!

・Points will be awarded only to customers who have registered as members.

・Points will be awarded on the sales amount excluding tax.

・Points will be awarded based on the amount after deducting discounts from coupons and points.

- Points will not be awarded for shipping charges.

・Points will be awarded rounded down to the first decimal place.

・Points will be awarded immediately after purchasing the product both in stores and online stores.

・The validity period is 365 days from the date of point acquisition.

*Orders that use points cannot be canceled. note that.

*Due to system reasons, this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. note that.

How to use points

  1. Please log in to My Page and check the "Points you have" in your cart.
  2. Enter the number of points you want to use and click "Use Points."

    *Please be sure to check that the item "Usage Points" is displayed.
    *It may take some time for the usage points to be reflected.
  3. Proceed to "Proceed to order procedure" and confirm that "Use Points" are applied on the information entry page.
  4. Once you have confirmed that the usage points have been applied, follow the on-screen instructions, enter your shipping address, payment method, etc., and click the "Complete Order" button.

How to check points

Current points held

You can check your points by logging into My Page.
*Due to system issues, it is not possible to check your point history. note that.

Points for each order

You can check your points by logging into My Page and clicking on the relevant order number from your order history.

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