Warm your body from the inside out with hot pot dishes. Earthenware pots and mortars that I want now

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Showing 1 - 24 of 39 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 39 products
Flower cocotte white [Kanefusa Ceramics]Flower cocotte white [Kanefusa Ceramics]
Dyed small flower chirashitonsui [Koyogama]Dyed small flower chirashitonsui [Koyogama]
Deflection Small Bowl Mocha [Kiyohide Yokoi]
Onion small bowl [Daiko Oguri]Onion small bowl [Daiko Oguri]
Mocoa Ball Medium [Fukumine Kiln]Mocoa Ball Medium [Fukumine Kiln]
Oribe Misumi Tonsui [Kazuhito Yamamoto]Oribe Misumi Tonsui [Kazuhito Yamamoto]
Ash glaze tonsui [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze tonsui [Nobuyuki Murai]
Handmade pot blue leaves and birds [Jun Kato]Handmade pot blue leaves and birds [Jun Kato]
Biwa Hiiro flat bowl [Kanae Nomura]Biwa Hiiro flat bowl [Kanae Nomura]
Shinko Asagi Soup Cup [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]Shinko Asagi Soup Cup [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]
Black smoked pot [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]Black smoked pot [Yamamoto Taizo_23ex]
Small bowl ash glaze [Kazuya Murao]Small bowl ash glaze [Kazuya Murao]
Ash glaze shinogitori bowl [Jun Kato]Ash glaze shinogitori bowl [Jun Kato]
Ash glaze pot with ears [Nobuyuki Murai]Ash glaze pot with ears [Nobuyuki Murai]
Ethnic 5-inch bowl blue [Masaaki Hibino]
Goth Ame Glaze Yogurt Bowl [Furuya Ceramics]
Blue dot cut 5 inch pot [Tatsuo Otomo]Blue dot cut 5 inch pot [Tatsuo Otomo]

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