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Showing 1 - 24 of 113 products
Old dyed flower new Sencha [Tobo Ao]Old dyed flower new Sencha [Tobo Ao]
Colored two-flower thin teacup [Hiroshi Haisawa]Colored two-flower thin teacup [Hiroshi Haisawa]
Teacup Blue Flowers and Birds [Jun Kato]Teacup Blue Flowers and Birds [Jun Kato]
Three colors of teacup [Jun Kato]Three colors of teacup [Jun Kato]
Teacup Lotus Pink Icchin Jugusa [Jun Kato]Teacup Lotus Pink Icchin Jugusa [Jun Kato]
Amber arabesque teacup red [Fukumine Kiln]Amber arabesque teacup red [Fukumine Kiln]
Amber arabesque teacup blue [Fukumine Kiln]Amber arabesque teacup blue [Fukumine Kiln]
Hanazume teacup red [Kosogama]Hanazume teacup red [Kosogama]
Dyed Hanazume Mini Cup [Chojuro Kiln]Dyed Hanazume Mini Cup [Chojuro Kiln]
Point lattice teacup blue [Fukumine Kiln]Point lattice teacup blue [Fukumine Kiln]
Point lattice teacup red [Fukumine Kiln]Point lattice teacup red [Fukumine Kiln]
Tokusatsutsutsu teacup red [Masashi Sato]
Tokusatsutsutsu teacup green [Masashi Sato]
Staring teacup boy [Porcelain Studio Raku]
Staring teacup girl [Porcelain Studio Raku]
Sword tip teacup blue [Koyogama]Sword tip teacup blue [Koyogama]
Black Oribe Tsubaki Sencha [Kimami Nobumasa]
Sword tip teacup red [Koyogama]Sword tip teacup red [Koyogama]
Plum pattern teacup blue [Kosaigama]Plum pattern teacup blue [Kosaigama]
Arranged Tokusa Tea Cup [Fukumine Kiln]

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