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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
Round mug large [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Round mug large [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Mikagewami pot 3 inches [Chieko Fujita]Mikagewami pot 3 inches [Chieko Fujita]
Mikagemaru bowl [Chieko Fujita]Mikagemaru bowl [Chieko Fujita]
Rim bowl small [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Rim bowl small [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Shallow plate Φ24 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Shallow plate Φ24 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Flat plate rectangle [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Flat plate rectangle [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Mame Deflection [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Mame Deflection [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Rim pasta Φ20.5 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Rim pasta Φ20.5 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Oval plate medium [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Oval plate medium [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Shallow plate Φ21 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Shallow plate Φ21 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Small bowl (maru bowl) [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Small bowl (maru bowl) [Chieko Fujita_23ex]
Shallow plate Φ27 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]Shallow plate Φ27 [Chieko Fujita_23ex]

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