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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 products
∞Mame plate [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]∞Mame plate [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Madoka Cup [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Madoka Cup [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Fluctuation Free Cup [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Fluctuation Free Cup [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Mug [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Mug [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Rim shallow bowl a [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Rim shallow bowl a [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Rim shallow bowl [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Rim shallow bowl [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Small round pot [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Small round pot [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Vase/medium [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Vase/medium [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Flower ring deep pot [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Flower ring deep pot [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Rice bowl [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]Rice bowl [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]

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