Mug Ame Leaf and Jugusa [Jun Kato]

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▼Material semi-porcelain

*Hand washing recommended *No direct heat or oven *Can only be warmed in the microwave

[Please check before purchasing! ]
Depending on the clay and glaze used, the shade of the flame during firing, etc., the expression and color of the pottery changes with each kiln. Please enjoy it as one of the ways to enjoy the pottery as well as the changes that occur as you use it! We also hope that you understand that the color and atmosphere of the dishes on our website may differ depending on your computer environment.

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Q4: What kind of care should I take before using the utensils?

The bottom of the utensils is polished beforehand at our store to prevent scratches on tables, etc. If you are concerned about the roughness, please polish it a little with sandpaper before use.

Before using pottery, scrape the bottom

When using, please soak the container in water once. By passing it through water, it prevents odors and dirt. (If you are particularly concerned about dirt, please fill it with water and let it absorb enough water until no air bubbles appear.)
When wet, a gray stain may appear, but don't worry, it will disappear once it dries.

Before using the pottery, soak the pot with water.

Q5. Is there anything I should be careful about when cleaning the product after use?

Basically, we recommend hand washing. After washing, dry thoroughly before storing.
Please do not use gold-colored, silver-colored, or red-colored pottery in the microwave.

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Regarding your desired delivery date, you can specify a date after the 7th day from the order date. You can also specify the time and placement.
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① Contact us by email or phone (092-404-0968) within 3 days after receiving the damaged product.

Damage during shipping

②Products that are different from the order or defective products Please contact us by email or phone (092-404-0968) within 3 days of receiving the product and return it with cash on delivery.

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Q11. Do you offer Noshi and carrier bags?

This service is not available. note that.

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Is possible. We also accept interviews and coverage, so please contact us through the inquiry form .

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