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Showing 1 - 24 of 190 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 190 products
Round plate 4 inches beige [Yuki Watanabe_ex24]Round plate 4 inches beige [Yuki Watanabe_ex24]
Round plate 4 inches white [Yuki Watanabe_ex24]Round plate 4 inches white [Yuki Watanabe_ex24]
Rim plate 4 inch camel [Yuki Watanabe_ex24]Rim plate 4 inch camel [Yuki Watanabe_ex24]
Half chrysanthemum 3.5 inch plate [Aki Murata]Half chrysanthemum 3.5 inch plate [Aki Murata]
∞Mame plate [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]∞Mame plate [Sachiko Niijima_23ex]
Apple small plate [Daiko Oguri]Apple small plate [Daiko Oguri]
White square plate [Yuichi Hirai_23ex]White square plate [Yuichi Hirai_23ex]
Mud colored four-inch plate [Yuichi Hirai_23ex]Mud colored four-inch plate [Yuichi Hirai_23ex]
Dyed square small plate [Teiichiro Matsuo]Dyed square small plate [Teiichiro Matsuo]
Ash glaze Shinogimaru small plate [Jun Kato]

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